Saturday, January 12, 2008



"Hell is other people" J.P.Sartre

Sadness, unsatisfaction, misery... often spring from comparisons and confrontations with others.
As we grow up we shape this iconic image of ourselves, influenced by movies and commercials and pictures touched up by Photoshop, and once we have completely lost ourselves behind this collage of lies, we go through all those self-inflicted pains and tortures to match this fantasy, but we never do.
Envy envies itself.
In our endless journey of deceptions and disenchantments there will always be a voice to tell us:

"Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?"
"Would you like a body like this?"
"This is the car of your dream!"
"Because you're worth it"

My God... if each one of the seven sins voices our ego, Envy speaks through a megaphone.


"Gluttony is an emotional escape, a sign that something is eating us."
Peter De Vries


The one addiction i have fought most in my life, and the only one that still resists me, is my craving for sex.
Like any addict i'm hushing my guilt with convenient stories, i don't hurt anyone, sex is harmless, it's not a drug...
Yet how many times had i chosen sex over everything else, success, prosperty, education, art, friendship...
Even Love, when Love is the one consuming impulse i should put all my efforts in.


Oh i'm lazy, all right.
Physically, but most of all Intellectually, Spiritually and Emotionally.

I'm lazy when i don't give a damn about what's happenning outside my borders. I'm lazy when i don't have an opinion. I'm lazy when i don't try to understand. I'm lazy when i don't learn. I'm lazy when i pretend i have not heard. I'm lazy when i don't reach hand. I'm lazy when i'm making excuses. I'm lazy when i don't feed my soul. I'm lazy when my demons win. I'm lazy when i hate. I'm lazy when i judge. I'm lazy when i manipulate. I'm lazy when i complain. I'm lazy when i retrieve to my comfort zone. I'm lazy when i come first.

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Nerites said...

Salut cher Lou,

You keep getting better with each work.

Congratulations. Your anatomy keeps getting more acurate and your use of light and shadow is great.

E le Nerites